Presidential Debate

This is about using a critical lens to evaluate one of the debates during the 2020 election. This assignment should be 2-3 FULL pages. For this assignment, you will address the following:
–    One paragraph on what the Democratic candidate did right.
–    One paragraph on what the Democratic candidate did wrong.
–    One paragraph on what the Republican candidate did right.
–    One paragraph on what the Republican candidate did wrong.
–    One paragraph on how this particular debate will impact voters on each side.
–    You will NOT summarize any of the debate.

Here is the debate I would like it on


What is Greider’s argument about economic development in Mexico?What does he see as problematic about Mexico’s industrial development?How are export processing zones (set up through a free trade model of development)problematic? How do Jamaica’s efforts to develop a free trade zone parallel Mexico’s? What are some issues/problems with this kind of industrial development? what are some obstacles to development of industry that Mexico encounters in Greider’s article? How do these show us issues with the “free trade model”for development?
What does Moberg tell us about the movement of transnational corporations inside the U.S and to Mexico?

Any topic (writer’s choice)

– Please use the attached book as the only source. (Use only Chapter 15, 17, and 18).

– Please include in-text citation with the page number of the book in all citation.

– Compare and contrast the viewpoints of the following three women as represented in the primary sources from the textbook: English feminist Mary Wollstonecraft (Primary source 15.1, pp.730-731); Argentine writer Mara Eugenia Echenique (Primary source 18.2, pp. 874-875); and Chinese revolutionary Qiu Jin (Primary source 18.3, pp 876-877).

– Explain what womens rights means to these authors, including what issues are of greatest importance.

– Think also of what supports these rights and what are the obstacles to achieving these rights according to each author.

-In what ways the authors would agree or disagree with one another.

– When answering, make sure to include information on BOTH the time period they are writing in, and what is going on in the regions they come from (England, Argentina, China) in that historical moment: use the main chapters of the textbook to provide this historical context, Make sure to discuss the material found in all three primary sources, in addition to other information from the main portion of the textbook.

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Section 2: Importance of Early Learning

Explain the important role that high quality care can have on a childs overall growth and development.
Identify two key theories of child development (e.g., Gardner, Vygotsky, Piaget, Skinner, Bronfenbrenner, etc.) that resonate with you as an early childhood professional.
Describe each theory and its connection to Developmentally Appropriate Practice within the classroom.
Review your Developmental Theory: Your Toolbox discussion post from Week 2 to help you complete this section

Discuss at least one way in which you differentiate learning experiences based on typical development, atypical development, and culture.
Review your Typical or Atypical Development? discussion post from Week 1 to help you complete this section.

Section 3: Environment

Include a picture of the layout of your ideal classroom. Describe how your room design reflects the way you believe children learn best.
Using the description from your Developmentally Appropriate Practice: The Key discussion in Week 2, create a classroom layout using the Classroom Architect (Links to an external site.) or  Gliffy  (Links to an external site.)website.
Explain how your learning environment (for your chosen age range) nurtures the development of every child in each of the domains listed below.

Describe the specific classroom practices or strategies that reflect your philosophy of how to support young childrens cognitive development.

Describe at least one of the ways you support the development of childrens positive self-concept and growing social/emotional skills.
Reflect on your philosophy of guiding young childrens positive behaviors. How do you constructively deal with young childrens challenging behaviors?

Describe ways to promote the communication/language development of all children, including dual language learners.

Describe your specific classroom practices or strategies that reflect your philosophy of how to support young childrens physical development.
Section 4: Families

Describe the important role that families have on the overall growth and development of children and why you value them in your classroom.
Review your Conversations With Families discussion post from Week 4 to help you complete this section.
Describe ways in which you ensure that families are kept aware of whats happening in their childs daily/weekly life in your classroom.
Review your Family Interest discussion post from Week 4 to help you complete this section.
Explain how you ensure that you are aware of whats happening in each childs home life. Tell how that awareness directs your teaching practices.
Complete a resource page for families that includes the following resources in your local area:
The name and contact information (phone number, website, etc.) of a local agency that provides family counseling.
The name and contact information (phone number, website, etc.) of a translation service for families whose home language is other than English.
The names, contact information, and brief descriptions of at least two agencies in the community that provide resources and services for children with disabilities.
A list of three or more websites, and brief descriptions of each, that provides current information to help families understand how young children develop and learn.
You can use readings or resources presented throughout this class, or new ones you feel are appropriate.

Vocational Education programs between Mississippi and Louisiana

Research Paper:

Topic: Compare Vocational Education programs between Mississippi and Louisiana

Number of pages: 8 10
–    Include Introduction and Conclusion
–    APA Style No plagiarism (Paper will be checked thoroughly)

Directions: Include in your paper:
–    Differences in programs
–    Differences in student to work ratio
–    Different types of programs
–    Graduation rates
–    How programs benefit each state
–    The effects of each states Welfare system with Vocational Education and Training

Similarities and Differences Between Enzymes and Receptors

Compare and contrast the similarities/differences between enzymes and receptors.

Hints: Focus on their structure/composition, their biological functions, where they are located (cellularly), etc…limit your response to 750 words and cite at least two references.

Blog: Chemical Engineering Info and Resources. Difference between Receptors and Enzymes. Retrieved from:

how does Different Types of Parent-Child Relationships help the child in normal day to day relationship’s.

double-spaced, using no larger than a 12-point New Times Roman style font, no larger than one inch margins and APA FORMAT (no abstract needed).  MAKE SURE THAT 2 OUT OF THE 3 ARTICLES ARE NO OLDER THAN 10 YEARS OLD!

A) For this assignment you will propose a topic assignment that relates to parent child relationships. Once your topic is approved (soon after your topic is approved) your task will be to research and delve into three scholastic research articles presenting data analysis on your topic.

B) After choosing your sources, you will write a paper comparing how the issue is treated by each of the sources. Offer an analysis and evaluation of each article you read, explain how the similarities and/or differences relate to your thesis, and then make a determination as to which as well as how the article supports your personal view on the issue. Be sure to include a summary of your findings at the end of the paper (e.g. As per the research data, does it support your initial theory regarding the parent-child relationship?).

C) Some things to consider before choosing your articles are the following: the purpose of the article; whether the article in support of your opinion, qualifications of the author(s); results significance; contradictory evidence presented in the articles; theoretical viewpoint of the author; what kind of outside sources are cited; whether or not the information is logical; and any other information that is relevant.

Listed below are some examples of professional journals, as well as examples of popular periodicals. Keep in mind that this is a very short list; there are many others available. Cohen Library offers access to many other journals as well.  A Short List of Academic Journals: Adolescence Child Development Child Study Journal, Child Today Childhood Education Journal of Divorce Early Child Development & Care Developmental Psychology Journal of Marriage and Family Social Forces Journal of Family Issues Young Children Child Welfare Family Relations Journal of Social Issues Gender & Society Journal of Family & Consumer Sciences Curriculum and Teaching Education and Society Educational Practice and Theory 


Select a paper topic in which you are not only interested in but also one in which you are passionate about. Some issues we’ve already begun to discuss in class meanwhile others might of been underlying reasons as to what made you register for this course. The topic may relate to your own personal experience growing up; However make sure that throughout your paper that you are speaking on behalf of the research by reporting factual data to support your stance on the topic. To your best abilities exclude “I’s”, “I think”, etc.  Please do keep in mind that student research papers are usually subjective, in that the writer formulates a thesis statement and uses sources that support that thesis. Furthermore, bear in mind that there is usually another equally valid viewpoint that can be supported with other sources.

I dare you all to rise and surpass this challenge in which it is the more difficult paper of this course. Please do know that we will discuss any questions you might have in regards to the paper. Good luck, and happy writing!!!

NO plagiarism- no need for cover page- citation page neccessary

If you happen to find a topic that is better you can message me.

Organizational Behavior

Instructions: In my lectures, I have emphasized the power of applying concepts, theories, frameworks, and so forth to real (mostly work) life situations. Your assignment is to choose one concept we have learned in our abbreviated term so far and apply it to a situation from your work or life. The ideal paper is something along the lines of “I had this experience at work and always thought about it this way, but after learning this theory, I now realize something else was going on.”


Sociology Creative Writing

How has your sense of your ability to succeed in college been influenced by the feedback you have processed from those around you? Think of your professors, your peers, family members, folks you work with, and others. Has this process been disrupted or misaligned due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and in what ways? Have you been resocialized during the past few months? Give examples from your personal life if you can.


Please see the questions below and answer them in a short few sentences. Each answer should be few sentences and 100% original

1) Define passive portfolio management and provide an example. Make sure your answer includes essential keywords that explain passive management.

2)A Person argues that it is impossible to construct a risk-free portfolio when we can use only two assets that are both risky. Do you agree or disagree with the person? Why? Explain

3) Suppose you see that a stock has a very high Price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio. Does it imply that this stock is overvalued? Why or why not? Explain.

4)List the five essential economic indicators of a country explained in the Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC).

5)List the three major U.S. stock market indexes and explain why they have been showing very different performance this year since the COVID-19 pandemic started even though all three were developed to show the performance of the U.S. stock market.


Using this service is LEGAL and IS NOT prohibited by any university/college policies.

You are allowed to use the original model paper you will receive in the following ways:

  1. As a source for additional understanding of the subject
  2. As a source of ideas / reasoning for your own research (if properly referenced)
  3. For proper paraphrasing (see your educational institution's definition of plagiarism and acceptable paraphrase)
  4. Direct citing (if referenced properly)

Thank you very much for respecting our authors' copyrights.

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