Choose an organisation or business which is either an automotive company (manufacturing industry) or a hospital (service sector).

Choose an organisation or business which is either an automotive company (manufacturing industry) or a hospital (service sector). You need to produce an essay elaborating on the key operation, logistics and supply chain management issues faced by the operations and supply chain manager(s) in this particular organisation / business.

You can collect data from resources like websites, books, journal articles and grey reports. Some case studies are available to help you collect required data.

By focusing on the operational and supply chain issues, you should seek to identify and clarify how the operation functions and supports the market that it serves. What service delivery system (s) or manufacturing process (es) does it use? What infrastructure does it use to manage these delivery systems? And how, together, do these support the market (s) that it serves? A critical, detailed and relevant analysis should be made of the various components.

Based on your analysis, you are expected to make recommendations about how the business can improve its performance. Consider triple bottom line – described as the incorporation of economic, environmental and social factors as the three dimensions of sustainability in business practice – in your analysis.

As it might be impossible to analyse all the areas of operations, logistics and supply chain management, you should also decide which area (s) to cover in your discussion. Therefore, choose two of the following list in

managing operations, logistics and supply chain.

• New product/ service development and process

• Managing quality

• Location and Layout

• Managing people in operation and supply chains

• Logistics mix: Channels, networks, transportation, managing inventory and capacity

• Managing business relationships in supply chains

HIPAA Issues in Radiology Departments

HIPAA Issues in Radiology Departments

Describe the different issues that arise in a radiology department that have to do with HIPAA.


Managerial Economics

Managerial Economics

The paper focuses on the course content applied in the setting of your current or past employer. In this paper you will focus on the following: 


 Provide a description of the company that you work for. As part of your description include a discussion of the type of organizational structure. 


 Describe an agency problem within the firm and discuss what you think is causing the problem and how the problem might be better controlled. 


 Describe the job dimensions of the firm and discuss whether or not you believe the current design is appropriate for the firm. Discuss any suggestions you might have for improving the job design; for example, grouped by function or by product or geography or a matrix organization? Provide a diagram if helpful to illustrate. Is this organization effective? 


Describe the compensation package for executives and employees within the firm. Discuss whether or not you believe that the compensation package os effective and any suggestions you might have for improving the package.


BAM 513 Financial Management Unit 2

BAM 513 Financial Management Unit 2

According to the book above, please write an essay on the following:


Your plans for the future have finally materialized because you have won the lottery. Congratulations! The lottery marketing material says you have won $20,000,000 but a more careful examination of the terms and conditions means that you have won twenty $1,000,000 beginning-of-the-year cash flows with the first cash flow today. Further, the lottery contract says that instead of waiting for so many years to collect your winnings, you could accept a lump sum check today in the amount of $12,000,000. If you determine that the appropriate interest rate to compare these two alternatives is 6%, which alternative is preferred? To answer this question, solve for the present value of each alternative and make your decision based strictly on the values. You may ignore taxes in your decision.

How have the values ​​of Saudi students changed in America?

How have the values of Saudi students changed in America?

What values have changed?

Did couples travel to America for the purpose of studying changing roles within the family?

Do these changes have an impact on the financial management of the family?

Who has become responsible for financial management within the family?

Who has become the owner of the purchasing decision within the family?

Do these changes contribute to the stability of marriage?

Heart Failure

Does the disorder affect water balance? [consider diffusion, osmosis, hydrostatic pressure, hormonal control]

Does the disorder affect the metabolism of any electrolytes?

Does an imbalance in water, electrolytes or acid-base affect the disorder?

Does the disorder affect any endocrine hormones? Conversely, do any endocrine hormones affect the disorder?

Does the disorder or treatment of the disorder affect glucose metabolism?

Are any structures or functions of the gastrointestinal tract affected by the disorder? [include GI secretions in this discussion]

Does the disorder or treatment of the disorder affect GI motility?

Does the disorder affect metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, water, minerals or electrolytes?

Does the disorder or treatment of the disorder affect liver or pancreas function? Does altered liver or pancreas function affect the disorder?

Does age affect the disorder?

Does the disorder affect the structures or functions of the reproductive tract?

Are any special senses affected by the disorder? Does an alteration in any of the special senses affect the disorder?

Synthesis of Evidence – Intervention

Synthesis of Evidence – Intervention

Do you have evidence to support the intervention you selected to address your identified gap or problem? For this assignment, write a synthesis of the evidence contained in six references related to your selected intervention. In Unit 3 you developed a synthesis of evidence related to your gap or problem. In this assignment the focus must be on your intervention. The six references you select must be different from the references you used for the Unit 3 assignment. The references can be things like primary research studies, systematic reviews, or evidence-based practice guidelines, such as recommendations from AHRQ or CDC. The evidence can be no more than five years old, except for seminal works such as models, theories, et cetera. This assignment will help you build the review of literature you must include in your DPP Part 2, where 20 references will be required.


Note that a synthesis is not an article-by-article summary, but rather an integration of the content of the articles you select. Address similarities and differences of opinion inherent in the sources. Your six references must support the intervention. The evidence must show your intervention is effective at addressing your gap in practice.


Consider the following when reviewing the literature: date of publication, primary purpose of the study, methodology and design used, type of data analyses, significant findings, and how the findings relate to your intervention.


Does the evidence answer your PICO(T) question? Does the evidence clearly support your intervention(s)?


Remember, when you analyze and synthesize information or evidence, you are making conclusions about it

Professional Development and Learning

A Professional Learning and Development Report. This should be no more than 3,000 words (excluding

reference list and appendices).

Applied Nutrition for Sports Performance

Assignment cover sheet 

Copy and paste the SSES cover sheet into your word document as the first page of your assignment so we can identify you and fill in the comments section when we have marked your assignment. You can find the assignment cover sheet in the assignment documents folder 


Client summary sheet 

This is a table which summarises your dietary analysis findings and some of the additional measures you will perform in your seminars. The template can be found in the assignment documents folder 


Sum of skinfolds radar graph

In one of the seminars you will perform a 7 site skin fold analysis (in pairs). The data will be presented as a radar graph and this is to be placed directly following the client summary sheet above


Section 1. Athlete needs analysis 

(500 words)

This section should outline your sport discipline (if you don’t do sport make one up and base the assignment on your chosen sport), the physiological demands of that sport and a summary of what the main nutritional challenges and requirements are for the specific athlete in question. (This must be supported with relevant literature)


Section 2. Average Macronutrient and fluid Intake 

(800 words)

The athlete’s daily average macronutrient and fluid intake (amount of each nutrient they consume per day) will be discussed in this section. This will apply to the following nutrients: 




Fluid (consider total fluid from food and drinks)

You will to firstly briefly describe the importance of each nutrient with reference to the sports person your assignment is based on. Then discuss how much of the nutrient they should be consuming daily for their given sport and training level (again using primary research evidence to support this). Then compare the athlete’s intake per day of each nutrient to the research recommendations to determine if the athlete’s average daily intake is adequate.


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